Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Virtual Lab: Heat Exchange and Predicting Final Temperature

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Where are we going with this? This page will assist in developing the ability to perform calculations involving heat flow, temperature changes, and phase changes by using known values of specific heat, phase change constants, or both.

Virtual Lab: Heat Exchange and Predicting Final Temperature

Background Information: Heat Exchange

The purpose of this activity is to provide hands-on experience using laboratory techniques to observe the transfer of energy from a hot substance to a cold substance. In this video, the formulas are used with some measurements to predict the final temperature of the mixture of hot and cold water and the predicted final temperature is compared to the measured final temperature.

Link to activity worksheet:  CLICK HERE

The video below has three parts:
  • Setup and Procedures
  • Result Collection
  • Discussion
The lab can be done virtually by watching the first two parts, recording your own data, and doing your own calculations.

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