General Chemistry

General Chemistry

This page provides an outline and links to all of the site pages related to good ol' basic, general chemistry1

The information is organized into, borrowing from the business and technology industries, decks. Decks begin with the broad categories and the drill-downs will offer more and more details. 


Units and Quantities


Properties of Matter

Matter (Types of Matter)
Types of Mixtures

ACTIVITY: Centrifugal Separation  

ACTIVITY: Separation by Evaporation

 Properties of Matter

Physical Properties 


 Kinetic Theory and States of Matter


A Type Of Matter With Goofy Phase Properties: Amorphous Matter (forthcoming)

Kinetic Theory and Gasses
Number of Molecules

The Math
Boyle's Law
Charles's Law

Combined Gas Law & Universal Gas Law

 ACTIVITY: Using the Ideal Gas Law To Find Moles of Gas Collected


Atomic Structure and The Periodic Table

Law of Conservation and Chemical Reactions

The Law of Conservation 

Balancing Reactions
Understanding Chemical Notation  
Chemical Notation and Polyatomic Ions — Another Look 
Balancing Reactions and the Law of Conservation 
Balancing Chemical Reactions 

Net Ionic Equations


Types of Chemical Bonds
Intramolecular bonds
Intermolecular bonds 
Hydrogen Bonding 
Dipole-dipole Interactions 
London Dispersion Forces
Energy of Chemical Bonds 
Strength of Chemical Bonds / Bond Energy

Types of Reactions 

Predicting Reactions
Activity Series          

Stoichiometry: Balancing Reactions and Mass Conservation
Chemical Notation to Molar Mass

Stoichiometry Walkthrough

Let's Calculate Something!
        There should be a TEMPLATE for this…or something… 

Quantitative Composition of Substances

Walkthrough: Calculating Molar Mass

Thermal Energy and Heat Transfer

Example Problems (forthcoming)
Formulas and Constants for Water

Acid and Base Reactions


Nuclear Chemistry (Basic Concepts)

Balancing Nuclear Reactions 
Notation for Balancing Nuclear Reactions    


While the content of this site is relatively universal, the articles will include references to the 2020-21 Indiana high school chemistry standards:

This site is meant to be  accessible and comfortable. Thus, the writing style is casual and conversational. 








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