Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Kinetic Theory of Matter: Basic Assumptions

Where are we going with this?
 The point of this deck is to provide concepts,background information and examples related to the kinetic theory of matter. Using this model will help predict behaviors of substances within a variety of environments and help quantify 

Kinetic Theory of Matter: Basic Assumptions

There are four basic assumptions of the kinetic theory of Matter:

1. All matter is made of particles.
 Quick reminders… atoms… molecules… Matter is made up of these.

2. The particles of matter are in constant motion.
So… this is the first concept on a spiral of concepts regarding the motion of the particles of matter, the concept of temperature, and a type of energy related to mass and velocity of of the thing moving.

3. As temperature increases, the speed of the particles increases.
And also… as temperature goes down, the speed of the particles decreases. This goes back to that spiral of concepts, by the way.

4. As the speed of the particles increases, they take up more volume.
Except when they don't, but thats really rare.
Again, the opposite is true… Decreased temperature results in decreased volume.

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