Friday, July 3, 2020

Two Main Types of Matter

Where are we going with this? The point of this deck is to give the background information and examples so that we can differentiate between substances (pure and mixtures) based on physical and chemical properties.

Two Main Types of Matter

Okay, then, let's get right to it!

Matter can be classified into two broad types: pure substances and mixtures.

Bet you thought I was gonna say "pure" and "impure", because… Logic… Think about it… If there are two types and one of them is "red" then then everything else has to be "not-red."


The same is true for matter. If one type is pure substances, and the other type is mixtures, then mixtures must be substances that are impure. Because… Logic

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To restate so that links to the next slides can be added matter can be classified into two broad types:

That about does it, eh?

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