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Reaction Types

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Where are we going with this? This page will assist in developing the ability to describe, classify, and give examples of various kinds of reactions: synthesis (i.e., combination), decomposition, single displacement, double displacement, acid/base, and combustion.

Reaction Types
Combinations of atoms can come in many different… combinations!

Chemical reactions are, fundamentally, the combining, un-combining, and rearranging of atoms and molecules. And parts of molecules.

You start with some stuff. Something happens. You have different stuff.

It is convenient to have a way to describe the manner in which these rearrangements take place! Bam! Types of reactions!

Based on how the elements combine, separate, or reorganize, reactions can be differentiated into one of five reaction types.

Combination/Synthesis - You start with some things that are separate. They combine.

A + B --> AB

Decomposition - You start with something. It breaks apart.

AB --> A + B 

Single Displacement / Single Replacement - There this thing and this other thing made of things. The first thing takes the place of one of the things in the other thing. To be more scientific, an atom of one type will replace (in a compound) an atom of a different type.

A + BC --> AB + C
AB + C --> AC + B 

Double Displacement / Double Replacement - Two compounds break apart and rearrange, swapping how they are combined. 

AB + CD --> AD + BC


Combustion - Fire! Flame! Oxygen!

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