Thursday, October 22, 2020

Types of Reactions—Decomposition

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Where are we going with this? This page will assist in developing the ability to describe, classify, and give examples of various kinds of reactions: synthesis (i.e., combination), decomposition, single displacement, double displacement, acid/base, and combustion.

Activity: Types of Reactions—Decomposition
(Thermal Decomposition of Sodium Bicarbonate)

Background Information: Types of Reactions

The purpose of this activity is to provide hands-on experience using laboratory techniques to observe a decomposition reaction

Evidence of the reaction is easily seen in the production of gas.

Primary Reaction: 2 NaHCO3 → Na2CO3 + H2O + CO2

Possible Secondary Reaction: Na2CO3 → Na2O + CO2

The decomposition of anhydrous sodium carbonate into sodium oxide and carbon dioxide occurs slowly at room temperature and proceeds to completion at 851 C. 

Link to activity worksheet:  CLICK HERE

The video below demonstrates how to set up the lab and collect the data. Actual data collected from the video may be used to do the lab virtually.

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